Cigar Box Guitars and Amps Handmade and Built by Michael Squier

        November 2023

Squier Design would like to thank all of our customers and clients who have supported our business for over 30 years.  We have had fun working with you on many interesting projects.  We are appreciative, grateful and thankful. 

We may continue to do a few smaller jobs on a more selective basis.  We no longer do rush jobs or work long hours.  Our response time and turn around time is at a more casual pace. 

We are changing lanes, changing gears, taking the road less traveled planning to work less and play more.  

With Thanks and Gratitude, 

Rita and Michael Squier 

An Original Watercolor Painting by Rita Squier

Michael’s Former Awesome Hobby: 

Handmade Cigar Box Guitars

Listen to the Music Clips & Watch a Few Videos

Michael’s New Hobby … may be linked here soon! 

Rita’s Awesome Art: 

Not only does she help create awesome race car graphics but she is an award winning artist with collectors through out the entire world.  You have run her amazing graphics on your cars, boats, banners, etc. now it’s time you own a piece of her fine art.