Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

First the Basics ...

Most of our work is done mail order.  

All orders are shipped out masked and ready for application.  

Complete instructions are included with every order.  

We normally ship Priority Mail and can also ship your order overnight via Express Mail through the US Post Office.

When sending us files, please contact us first.  Files must be Mac compatible.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will your vinyl racing graphics make my car faster?

A:  You should conduct tests on your own car to be sure.

Q:  Is white considered a color?

A:  Yes, white is a considered a color. Each color is made out of separate pieces of vinyl.

Red is from red vinyl, white is from white vinyl. Unless you're ordering printed material.

Q:  Do you take credit cards?

A:  Yes, only through 

You do not need to have a PayPal Account to use a Credit Card.

We will email you a PayPal invoice and all the payment instructions are included in the email.

Q:  Is it easy for me to apply the numbers myself?

A:  Yes, of course!  Just follow the instructions included with your order.

Q:  Can I get a sample of a specific color?

A:  Yes, we will send you a free color sample, just specify the color(s).

Q:  I want a particular typestyle, do you have it?

A:  We might, we have hundreds, maybe thousands. Check out our typestyle page or email us. 

We may charger for font matching.

Q:  Do the printed colors rub off?

A:  No, we laminate the printed decals.

Q:  How do I apply the vinyl?

A:  Complete application instructions are included with each order.

You can also view our Instruction Page online, click here.

Q:  Can I remove the vinyl?

A:  Yes, the vinyl is removable and won't hurt the paint, if it is a good finish.

Warming the vinyl lightly with a hair dryer makes it easier to remove.

However, do not use a hair dryer on glass.

Letting the car sit in the sun for a while works good too.

Q:  If I remove the vinyl, can I re-use it?

A:  No, the vinyl is not re-usable, it will most likely tear when you remove it.

Q:  Can I use the vinyl lettering on the windows of my store front?

A:  Yes, the vinyl can be used for store front lettering on windows, it is great for indoor and outdoor use.  

You may want to request the lettering be done in reverse so you can apply it to the inside of the windows to be read from the outside.  

This keeps people from picking at the lettering on the outside when your store is closed and looks professional.  

Plus you can install it yourself!  

Q:  Can I use the banner indoors?

A:  Yes, the banners can be used indoors or outdoors, where ever you want to hang it.

Q:  Can you ship overnight?

A:  Yes, we can rush your order and ship it via Overnight US Priority Express Mail 

Extra charges do apply.  Overnight shipping, doesn’t include in-house processing time.

Q:  Do you have static cling?

A:  Yes, it's okay for autocrossing, but not really good for track racing. 

It may fly off your car under high speed conditions,

whether you are racing it on the track or trailering it on the highway.

Q:  Do you collect old outboard motors?

A:  Yes, if you have any that you don't want, just e-mail Michael.

Q:  Are cigar box guitars fun to play?

A:  Yes, definitely! You need one now! View my CBGs.

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