Slant Six Decals

Here is a fun way to enhance the appearance of your engine.

The decals are made to fit the stock air filter and valve cover on a Slant Six.

These are not exact replicas of any decal, they are meant for fun and custom uses.

The decals are printed on adhesive backed vinyl with a clear vinyl laminate.

If you're looking for something different, please email me with your ideas.

The decals can be ordered individually or as sets.

Shipping via First Class Mail within the USA is Included.

Sales Tax will be added to orders shipped to New York.

Shipping Worldwide is availble at an extra cost.

Super Valve Cover Decal in Red, Blue or Orange

8.5" x 1.5"

Super 225 in Red SP-225-RD

Super 198 in Red SP-198-RD

Super 170 in Red SP-170-RD

Super 225 in Blue SP-225-BL

Super 198 in Blue SP-198-BL

Super 170 in Blue SP-170-BL

Super 225 in Orange SP-225-OR

Price:  $8.00

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One Barrel 225 Air Filter Decal

6" Diameter

One Barrel 225 in Orange AF-ONE-OR

One Barrel 225 in Blue AF-ONE-BL

Price:  $8.00

Two Barrel 225 Air Filter Decal

6" Diameter

Two Barrel in Orange AF-TWO-OR

Two Barrel in Blue AF-TWO-BL

Price:  $8.00

Select Color Choice
Select Color Choice

Slant Six 105 HP Valve Cover 

& 225 Air Filter Set 

8.125" x 1.5" & 6" Diameter

Available in either Orange or Blue

Blue SET-105-BL

Orange SET-105-OR

Price:  $15.00

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Four Barrel 225 Air Filter Decal

6" Diameter

Four Barrel in Orange AF-FOUR-OR

Four Barrel in Blue AF-FOUR-BL

Price:  $8.00

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Slant Six Valve Cover Decal

9" x 1.25"

225 in Orange VLV-225-OR

198 in Orange VLV-198-OR

170 in Orange VLV-170-OR

No Number in Orange VLV-NoNumber-OR

225 in Blue VLV-225-BL

198 in Blue VLV-198-BL

170 in Blue VLV-170-BL

No Number in Blue VLV-NoNumber-BL

Price:  $8.00

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Slant Six Round Air Filter Decal

6" Diameter

225 Slant Six in Orange S6AF-225-OR

198 Slant Six in Orange S6AF-198-OR

170 Slant Six in Orange S6AF-170-OR

225 Slant Six in Blue S6AF-225-BL

198 Slant Six in Blue S6AF-198-BL

170 Slant Six in Blue S6AF-170-BL

Price:  $10.00

One Barrel Round Air Filter Decal

6" Diameter

225 One Barrel in Blue OBAF-225-BL

198 One Barrel in Blue OBAF-198-BL

170 One Barrel in Blue OBAF-170-BL

225 One Barrel in Orange OBAF-225-OR

198 One Barrel in Orange OBAF-198-OR

170 One Barrel in Orange OBAF-170-OR

Price:  $10.00

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